This website was created to present an alternative to modern New-Age magic. Its purpose is to bring to light real and powerful magic specifically for those people who seek the alternative spirituality of witchcraft. Witchcraft is based on results.  It has stood the test of time and been practiced by so many for a reason: it works full stop. Conjuring’s ability to manifest the conjurer’s desired will is the reason it has persisted to this day.


What’s different about real witches versus the cartoon sterotypes imagined by popular culture?  Those depictions make a mockery and exaggeration of the goals and practices of real witches.  It is human nature to over-dramatize and villainize what we fear and misunderstand. As individuals, most of us are rational and open-minded, but as groups, as ideologues, we become the mob of distrust and judgment.  At World of Conjuring, we appeal to the reasonable individual, not the irrational mob.

A real witch has no cause for covens or the silly designation moniker of “head priestess.” Conjuring is merely part of our lifestyle and routine.  

We honor the ancient cultures and civilizations, along with their timeless traditions. This website is for like-minded individuals power-seeking alternative spiritualists and people who are looking for help through witchcraft.


The power of witchcraft to bring to bear real, quantifiable results is the reason that it continues to hold a prominent place in cultures throughout the world. 


Witchcraft is shrouded in great mystique in the Western World, but it also suffers many mischaracterizations and falsehoods driven by the church and those like-minded who try to malign and defame witchcraft instead of teaching the truth. Society and religion have conditioned and instructed  us about what is right and what is wrong, what is real and what is false, to the point that we have forgotten a fundamental truth: all life is full of mystery, and the only way to understand it is to learn about the mystery. In reality, there is nothing to fear about conjuring. There is only mystery about magic if one neglects to take the time to learn about its results-oriented nature.  

Organized witchcraft/covens, those are meaningless things for a real witch.  We do not worship, worshiping in fact contradicts the essence of Witchcraft, but instead we honor. We who practice witchcraft want to do just that: practice witchcraft. Our goal is simply to cast our spells, obtain results, and move on to the next. Magic is a tool, and one that is part of our normal, everyday lives. 

And Natasha Helvin is the person who can show you how to use this tool for your own benefit. 


Many people have misconceptions about the occult, leading them to believe it’s overly complicated or even impossible. By helping you to move beyond those misconceptions, we can show you exactly how you can become the master of your own life.

This is the shortest and most direct path to understanding your own true power.

Natasha will disentangle the web of supposedly unachievable feats and simplify the needlessly complicated fallacies about witchcraft and the occult arts. Our method demonstrates how and why you can master anything life throws at you.  Indeed, you will be able to flourish in the face of adversity, treating new difficulties not as overwhelming obstacles— but as perfectly surmountable challenges that only a practiced devotee of old way witchcraft can attain.

Natasha will provide you with the clearest, most effective direct route to recognizing and magnifying your own innate powers.


We won’t teach you to dream, to pray to New Age gods, or to “be positive” and wait for things to fall into your hands. Please understand that we’re not here to teach you some commercial, intangible “law of attraction,” vis-à-vis The Secret.  Conjuring is far more profound, and far more practical than simply wishing for a new car.  This is not a daytime television cult-of-happiness and blissful ignorance.  If that’s the type of community you seek, we politely beseech you to please look elsewhere.  

We’re not here to pity you or coddle you, either. We don’t believe in karma, dogma, or divine judgment. All these comes from monotheistic religions and witchcraft is not! In fact, not theism at all! It transcends the definition of religion. Religion necessarily involves worshipping someone. In this case the more correct term is worldview. Witchcraft is a system of certain theoretical and practical knowl- edge based on universal laws. Worldview, which rely on studying objective laws and not slipping into vague, debilitating statements such as “God works in mysterious ways.” Is philosophy of action, not passivity.

We won’t pity you or entitle you to indulge your insecurities.  This isn’t a course in karma, nor is it a vehicle for judgmental, dogmaticly religious fervor. Our old ways of conjuring is not an organized withcraft. It’s not a brick-by-brick replacement for your Christian church. 

We also don’t believe in organized witchcraft.


What we do believe in is your ability to change the world by starting from within yourself. We believe that you can bring forth peace by first learning to love and appreciate yourself and your ancestors. We believe that rules are not arbitrary, but made by you in accordance with your own beliefs. We believe in free will. And we believe in magic and the power that it holds! We adhere to the wisdom of our own voice, because we know the greatest gift in the universe is free will—ultimate and omnipotent— bound only by love and ameliorated by the practice of magic. 


World of Conjuring is an action-based and results-oriented intellectual and spiritual hub.  We are an epicenter of self-empowerment, because we make our own rules, rather than wishing for a nonexistent guidebook to life.  You don’t need the permission of a self-help guru to go out and conquer the world.  You have all the potential within you to take charge of your life, to learn the fundamentals of true powers of conjuring, and to love without condition or expectation of reciprocity. 



Through a master class on old way magic, Natasha can show you how to manifest and direct energy principles to work (physically and spiritually), resulting in your optimal life. 


Using old way magical practices, you can shape your life into the one you want. By following our simple instructions, almost anyone can harness the forces of magic woven into the fabric of the universe. 


Witchcraft is cerebral and philosophical, a studied practice of intellectual arts and manifestation of the human Will.  It is for those who are curious of the unknown, rather than those who fear mysteries and “taboos.”   Witchcraft favors the bold, and it attracts the most driven and motivated of the intelligentsia. 


Neither this website nor this post is intended to convince you to practice witchcraft. This path is not for everyone, and it should be lonely. Witchcraft is not defined by black clothes, occult jewelry, or the macabre. Witchcraft is an intellectual pursuit that requires time, effort, and dedication. Our intention is to reach those people seeking to change their lives, who are not afraid of what is mysterious and forbidden.



We embrace free thought and celebrate the forbidden as part of our spiritual independence!

Occult ritual allows the practitioner to summon into creation circumstances, events, experiences and possessions of his or hers choosing. 

Occultists, want ultimately the same thing: we want control and we want power. We want to be able to control and shape our experiences. Our joys, our sorrows. We want to be able to paint on the canvas of our lives. This is not to say that we remove spontaneity from our lives, it simply means that we decide our ultimate freedom. We decide how we live.We chose how we want to have an existence we call life.

Occultism is the study of hidden, mysterious and paranormal phenomena. It consists of many elements in life. One is the spirit, another is the universe, and a third wonderful example is consciousness. Witchcraft is a system of certain theoretical and practical knowledge based on Universal laws.Witchcraft requires discipline and perseverance in achieving personal goals, constant personal growth and self-development.

A magic work or a magic ritual is a construction of astral spiritual forms, a framework for future events. The building material for this framework is the energy of natural elements such as Earth, Fire, Water and Air, and the tool for its construction is your Will, Faith and Imagination.

The world surrounding us is fraught with other spatial influences and energies, which can be useful for building the reality you want. First among them is the energy of the nearest stars and planets, such as the Moon, the Sun, Venus, Jupiter, Mars, Saturn, and Mercury. All these planets, as well as the gods in whose honor they were named, patronize certain human activities. Therefore, their influence is used in specific cases and under certain circumstances. It is necessary to appeal to the Patronage of Higher Powers in order to have a reliable defense and a good opportunity to control what is happening around you.


The parallel astral world is inaccessible in conventional understanding. The language of spirits and angels cannot be recorded in simple words. The world of shadows communicates with us through images and signs that emerge in our subconscious. 

"Magic is the Science and Art of causing Change, on a material as well as a spiritual level, to occur in conformity with Will by altered states of consciousness".

Frater U.: D




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