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When you look in the mirror, you're looking at that perfect reflection of yourself! Reflection that has been passing down from generation to generation. Each time, it has been reshaping and getting better and better. This face of ours is perfection within its highest form. From the time of our very first Ancestors to that of our mothers and fathers today, it have been reshaping to this very face.
Take a look at your face and ask yourself, why should you show honor and respect to the Ancestors that came before you, or all of the sacred Spirits? Now, think of your children, or those who will be here, in this place, where you are standing right now, after you've transcended to the hereafter. Would you like them to forget this image which you're looking at?

Ιn Old way witchcraft we honor our ancestors, ourselves, and the spirits.
~Natasha Helvin~

Natasha Helvin is a writer, an occultist, hereditary witch, and priestess in the traditional Caribbean religion as well as an avid scholar of tradition / religion and simply woodland creature who feeds on folklore and magic! 

Natasha also involved in researching the paranormal. She uses her gift to communicate, and help bring answers and relief to people. She has travelled to Spain, Portugal, France and Denmark to help people deal with the grief of loved one's and receive messages from Spirits, which bring a sense of peace, as well as to help cleanse the place. 

Having a passion for discovery, learning and listening Natasha also passionate for clinical psychology. Her empathy for and understanding of others strengthens her ability to persevere in the psychology with heightened curiosity regarding the genetic nature of mental disorders. It has enhanced her awareness of others who struggle with neurological and interpersonal difficulties.

Natasha grew up in the Soviet state, in secluded small village, amongst dense woodland and endless rivers, until she was 18. With deep-rooted connection to the natural mysterious world Natasha inherited her passion for magic from her mother and previous generations, she learned from her family the ancient secrets of magic and healing, and the boundless potential of the human spirit. From this long line of metaphysicians and her rich spiritual cultural heritage, the roots of occultism and conscious thinking developed in her rapidly and at a very young age. As a child she saw her grandmother and mother use magic in their everyday lives to help neighbors, friends and anyone simply seeking help.  She spent a lot of her time when she was child in the underbrush, searching for wild berries, "befriending" ancient trees and forest spirits, exploring ruins covered in moss and ivy – elements that unsurprisingly Natasha blends into her magical work and are still present today. 

Guided by her passion Natasha loves exploring the magical practices of ancient cultures and civilizations all over the world. She is a seasoned traveler—a globe-trotting pilgrim seeking out knowledge with every new excursion.  From her far-reaching international voyages, she has cultivated an exquisite and powerfully-integrated personal practice that takes inspiration from the best and most sacred of the world’s knowledge base of conjuring of cosmopolitan and rural. The rustic, pastoral folk wisdom of the old world combined with the modern pragmatism of modern days. 

In her personal practice, she blends modern methods with the timeless magic of the cultures she reveres, a powerful blend that she shares with her clients, as well.


Natasha Helvin’s lifelong passion is to share her practical, time-tested knowledge of Old Ways conjuring with people looking for alternative paths to self-empowerment and success. Her innate talents for manifestation and the hands-on application of conjuring and witchraft have always defined her goals and vocational pursuits.

She will help you explore the wisdom and the Truth of the Old Ways, of the original occult arts that are transformational and restorative.  You will be able to lead a more rewarding life, having been fulfilled by the realization of your own powers and your ability to disturb the universe to bend to your Will.


Natasha prefers the more intense side of conjuring. She excels at the magic of influence and persuasion, relationship spells, and the most intense forms of spiritual management and control.  Clients seek out Natasha for her unique spells and counseling. She opens their eyes to new perspectives and experiences that lead to long-term change, and her unique skills and her wise and sagacious counseling.


She offers genuine solutions and answers to life’s toughest questions about emotional difficulties, relationship problems, marriage, property, jobs, money, and lifelong goals. She fosters personal and spiritual growth, heals, and helps her clients understand and take on metaphysical challenges and issues of higher consciousness. She provides honest, professional, ethical, and non-judgmental insights; gives clarity, assistance, purpose, and direction; and she empowers people to live their best, healthiest, and most fulfilling lives.

We create our own lives! 


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