Rituals and Spellwork on Your Behalf 

“In order to see the beauty of a rainbow you must first endure the rain."  

D. Parton

The “Spellwork on your behalf” service is offered to those unable or unwilling to perform magic themselves. 


To take advantage of this service, clients must submit to a thorough consultation and examination of both the current situation, and the outcome they desire before any spell work can be performed. This will be the roadmap, the foundation that is laid before any spellwork can take place

Natasha Helvin will not accept every case brought to her. Of course, every client is different, and every person’s energies and intents run the spectrum of the human condition, from virtuous to evil, from ignorant to ingenious.  As such, Natasha retains the right to turn down any client who is unfit for her services. This determination will be made during a preliminary consultation, before any money exchanges hands.  Once a thorough consultation has taken place, she and the client can discuss the best course of action.

Some examples of custom spellwork that I offer include, but are not limited to: 


  • Love: reconciliation, reunion, road opening between lovers, attracting a new partner, easing conflict between a couple, enhancing passion and intimacy.

  • Money: find a job, get a raise, open financial/career opportunities, attract success, get loans paid back, attract business partners or investors.

  • Cleansing/Healing: remove negativity and/or illness that has not been caused by Evil, bring peace, overcome anxiety/depression/nightmares.

  • Road Opening: unblock any area of your life, including love, relationships, career, business, luck, etc. 

  • Psychic: enhance your psychic abilities, empower your connection with ancestors and spirit guides, receive visions/inspiration/messages from spirits, pass exams or tests, enhance creativity, overcome artists’ blocks.

  • Fertility: overcome difficulties conceiving a child, overcome difficulties during the adoption process.

  • Protection: block negativity and envy.

  • Hex-Breaking etc. 

  • Home Protection/Home Cleansing: just as the protection and cleansing spells above, but for your home or business.

Guarantee: The World of Conjuring offers realistic goals and results.  This will require a degree of faith on your part.  Even medical doctors and career attorneys cannot absolutely guarantee a desired outcome in every case.  Similarly, an occultist, no matter how talented and practiced, cannot promise total fulfillment of every goal, without exception. 


If ANYONE offers you a guarantee on healing, winning legal cases, or winning back a lover, run. Such a promise is simply not possible, nor practical in the realm of spiritual work. In fact, it would stink of deception and fraud. 


Spiritual work will increase your chance of success, but it cannot guarantee anything. Going to court is always better with an attorney than without and enduring a disease is always easier under a doctor’s care. In the same way, witchcraft can increase the likelihood that you will achieve a goal  or your dreams to a greater extent than you would without the counsel of Natasha, but it cannot ensure an outcome. 


What Natasha Helvin does guarantee is that that she will do everything in her abilities to achieve the agreed-upon objectives.  This will be an awe-inspiring experience to behold, and she will harness all her energy and life-force to improve your situation.


In her many years’ experience as an occultist, she has come to believe that almost every aspect of life can be controlled. She beliefs that nearly all life forms can be manipulated, enhanced, influenced and changed, especially through magic.  Notwithstanding the rare times when a goal cannot be achieved with flawless success, it will undoubtedly elicit most of your desired results. 

Once we’ve completed the initial spellwork consultation, a contractual agreement discussing expectations, time frame of work, and requirements will be created following a spell work consultation. 

For questions or to schedule a consultation, please contact Natasha Helvin.




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